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VBA Option Explicit

What Is VBA Option Explicit? VBA Option Explicit helps users declare all the variables. It is important to declare the variables in excel. If any variable is not defined, we will get an error. Variables are an integral part of any coding language, and VBA is no different. Declaring variables and working with those variables […]

Confidence Interval In Excel

What Is Confidence Interval In Excel? The confidence interval in Excel is a range of values set around the known sample mean. The CONFIDENCE() utilizes a Normal Distribution to determine the confidence value, which is useful for determining the confidence interval for the population mean. Users can use the CONFIDENCE() while performing statistical and financial […]

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Quotient in Excel

What Is Quotient In Excel? The Quotient in Excel is a mathematical formulation that returns the integer value. The Quotient is the value returned on the division of the numerator and denominator. The Quotient in Excel is categorized under the Math and Trig functions of the functional library. For example, the image below depicts the […]

Freeze Panes in Excel

What Is Freeze Panes In Excel? The Freeze Panes in Excel is a feature that freezes the row’s or the column’s position so that they remain fixed even when we scroll down or up to see the whole sheet. The frozen columns and rows remain on the screen in the same place. This feature is […]

Charts In Excel

What Are Charts In Excel? Charts in Excel is an inbuilt feature that enables one to represent the given set of data graphically. It is available as a group in the Insert tab on the Excel ribbon, with different charts grouped into eight categories. Users can use the appropriate chart types to display massive datasets, […]

Clustered Column Chart In Excel

What Is Clustered Column Chart In Excel? The Clustered Column chart in Excel is a vertical column chart containing a group of columns, in series, for each category. It enables one to represent subcategories based on different dimensions visually. Users can use the Clustered Column chart to compare data over multiple interrelated categories, such as […]