Linest Excel Function Example 1.4
LINEST Excel Function

What Is LINEST Function In Excel? The LINEST function in Excel generates regression statistics for a linear regression model. It is an array formula that can be used alone or with other functions to calculate specific statistics about the model. It is an inbuilt function, a part of the Statistical functions in the Function Library. […]

Wildcard In Excel Intro
Wildcard In Excel

What Is Wildcard In Excel? A wildcard is a special character that replaces any character or any number of characters of a value in a cell. A wildcard is very helpful in matching values even though they are not the same as the original value in the cell. For instance, if we have Tim Edmund […]

RAND syntax
RAND Excel Function

What Is RAND Function In Excel? The RAND function in Excel creates evenly distributed random real numbers. These generated random values are between 0 and 1, so the values range is greater than or equal to 0 and less than 1.   The RAND Excel Function is a Volatile function. So, the values are recalculated every time the worksheet is opened or […]

Checklist in Excel Basic Example.1
Checklist In Excel

What Is A Checklist In Excel? The Checklist in Excel helps users track the completion status of an assigned task. In addition, it helps us maintain the log of multiple activities in a given dataset. It makes the dataset interactive, where we can select or deselect the options to get accurate results as “True” or […]

WEEKDAY syntax
WEEKDAY Function In Excel

What Is WEEKDAY Function In Excel? The WEEKDAY function in Excel matches the weekday with the date, in the form of an integer, from 1-7 i.e., 1[Sunday] to 7[Saturday], representing the days of the week. The WEEKDAY function in Excel is an inbuilt function so we can insert it from the “Function Library” or directly […]

ANOVA in Excel Intro Example
ANOVA In Excel

What Is ANOVA In Excel? ANOVA or Analysis of Variance, is a statistical analysis that evaluates whether the mean values of two or more independent groups are significantly different or not. ANOVA In Excel assesses the impact of one or multiple factors by comparing different mean values. It helps users understand the variance of variables, […]