ISBLANK syntax
ISBLANK in Excel

What Is ISBLANK Function In Excel? The ISBLANK in Excel detects the blank cells (empty cells) and returns the answer in Boolean. So, if any blank cells are detected, we get the result as TRUE; or else, we will get the result as FALSE. The ISBLANK in Excel was introduced in the year 2007. For […]

Basic Example 2.4
Name Range In Excel

What Is Name Range In Excel? While working in Excel, it is common to refer to cells by their names, such as A1, B4, D3, etc. However, users can give custom names based on the excel cell(s) data instead of referring to cells with the default names. Defining the names for cells or a cell […]

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Dashboard In Excel

What Is Dashboard In Excel? The dashboard in excel is one-page information that shows KPI results, i.e., Key Performance Indicators of a business over some time. Users get most of the information from the data using this summary. The dashboard visually represents the data using elements such as charts, bars, etc., Types Of Excel Dashboards […]

PV in Excel Example 3
PV in Excel

What Is PV Excel Function? The PV in Excel stands for the Present Value of the financial function in Excel. In simple terms, the Present Value function calculates the present value of investments. It is calculated on the discount rate, number of periods of investments, and future value of the payment. Generally, PV is used […]

DATE Excel Function

What Is DATE Function In Excel? The DATE function is used to enumerate dates in Excel. In simple terms, it combines Day, Month, and Year to form a Date. The DATE excel formula is categorized under the Date & Time function in the Function Library. For example, let us consider the following example where we […]

Group in Excel How to 1
Group in Excel

What Is Grouping In Excel? Grouping in Excel allows us to collapse or hide multiple columns or rows to display a more structured and organized dataset. The Group in Excel is commonly known as Outlines. This is because we can use an outline of rows and columns to display just the summary or the complete […]