Basic 2.2
COUNTA Excel Function

What Is COUNTA Excel Function? The COUNTA Excel Function in Excel calculates all non-blank cells containing numerical and alphabetical values in a table array. It is a Statistical Excel Function and returns only a numerical value. For example, in the following image, we will count all the non-blank cells having numbers and alphabets in column […]

Max Excel Function Intro Example
MAX Excel Function

What Is MAX Function In Excel? The MAX function of Excel finds the maximum (or largest) value from a list of numeric values. It is a Statistical function of Excel, which returns only a numeric value as the output. The MAX function is available in almost all versions of Excel. For example, in the following […]

COUNT Excel Function

What Is COUNT() Function In Excel? The COUNT Excel function counts the number of cells or arguments in an array that contains numeric values. It is a mathematical Excel function that returns a numerical value. For example, the following image shows values that contain numbers and alphabets in column A. We count the cells having […]

Example 1.3
SUM Excel Function

What Is SUM Excel Function? The SUM function in Excel enables users to add individual numeric values, cell references, ranges, or all three together using the formula =SUM(). Likewise, using the Auto Sum formula in Excel, i.e., “∑” automatically adds all the numeric values listed in a particular row or column. It is part of […]

Example 3.2
TRIM In Excel

What Is TRIM Excel Formula? TRIM in Excel removes all extra spaces from the data or text except single spaces between words.  It was designed to trim the 7-bit ASCII space character (value 32) from the data or text. Also, the TRIM formula in Excel – TRIM() trims the irregular spacing between strings. For example, in the […]

Transpose Function - FAQs 1

What Is TRANSPOSE In Excel? TRANSPOSE in Excel is a function to rotate (switch) data from rows to columns and vice versa. It is a part of the LOOKUP and reference functions. In addition, the TRANSPOSE function helps users sort unformatted data in the desired format. TRANSPOSE function in Excel also converts the range of table array […]