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Welcome to ExcelMojo!

ExcelMojo hosts a wealth of learning tools, video tutorials, and guides to help beginners and advanced users master MS Excel and Google Sheets while improving their knowledge and skills.

We do not stop there. In addition to Excel, ExcelMojo also features articles, online certification courses, and training materials ranging from basic and advanced VBA to Power BI. Whatever level of experience you have with dashboards, data analysis, finance, marketing, or HR, you may benefit tremendously from what we offer.

Everything on ExcelMojo is written step-by-step by a team of skilled writers who make it simple to use. You will eventually have the opportunity to learn and practice various Excel tools and strategies, allowing you to become an expert. Students and professionals from finance and non-finance backgrounds benefit from our self-paced online certification courses.


ExcelMojo strives to equip people with knowledge and skills on Excel, VBA, Power BI, and related topics in an easy-to-understand manner. With our comprehensive educational resources, training materials, and online certification courses, we are committed to helping students and professionals flourish in their careers and unlock their potential as data analysts.


Excel is widely used in various businesses to make data-driven choices, particularly in finance. As a result, we have gone over all the Excel functions and formulas in great depth. Furthermore, we offer solutions to advanced problems in spreadsheets, VBA, and Power BI.

Our goal is to be the driving force behind empowering people worldwide with information on VBAs and Macros, Basic CRM with Excel VBA, and SQL Express, which are critical for generating interactive dashboards and project management tools.