VBA Set Range
VBA Set Range

What is Set Range in Excel VBA? VBA Set Range helps us set a range in a single cell, multiple cells, rows, or columns anywhere in the Excel sheet, where we must perform some tasks using the VBA code. If we do not use this function, then the current cell, where the cursor is placed, […]

Power BI Security - Option 1 - Step 5
Power BI Security

What is Security in Power BI? Security in Power BI refers to implementing measures to ensure only authorized users can access, view, and manipulate data within a Power BI solution. It involves defining roles and permissions for users, data sources, and content, and enforcing them through authentication and authorization mechanisms. The Power BI security Dashboard […]

Power BI Calculate - Example 1 - Step 4
Power BI Calculate

What is Power BI Calculate Function? Power BI Calculate is a powerful function used to manipulate data and create complex calculations in a data model. It evaluates a table expression and returns a single scalar value. It can override filters, create new columns, and modify existing columns. The Power BI Calculate function can be used […]

VBA AutoFill Intro - Example 2 - Formatting - Output
VBA Autofill

What Does AutoFill Do In Excel VBA? VBA AutoFill performs sequential tasks where Excel’s Autofill features recognize a pattern in the data and complete the remaining task with a double click. For example, look at the following data in Excel. We are trying to insert serial numbers from 1 to 10 in an incremental order. […]

VBA Functions - custom - Step 7
VBA Functions

What are Excel VBA Functions? A VBA function is used to perform a task and return the result. We can create a user-defined function using the VBA function, which will be used in Excel like any other Excel function. It allows the users to write code in a compact block, name it, and return a […]

VBA Return
VBA Return Function

What is Excel VBA Return Function? VBA Return function stops the execution of a method in which it is present and returns the control to the original method. Briefly, in VBA, if we wish to return a value to another method, we use the Return statement. In this example, we will multiply integers using GoSub […]