Rate Function in Excel Basic Example.3
RATE Function In Excel

What Is RATE Function In Excel? The RATE Function in Excel calculates the rate of interest for paying the specified amount of a loan over a time period. The input provided to this formula is in integers, and the output is in percentages. The RATE function is an inbuilt function in the Excel “Financial” category […]

AGGREGATE Excel Function Intro
AGGREGATE Excel Function

What Is AGGREGATE Excel Function? The AGGREGATE Excel function returns the result of the specified aggregate operation performed on columns of data or the vertical range. Users can apply Excel functions such as SUM, AVERAGE, MAX, and COUNT, using the AGGREGATE() function. It also provides the choice to ignore error values and hidden rows. The […]

SMALL Function In Excel

What Is the SMALL Function In Excel? The SMALL function in Excel finds the smallest number from the dataset or an array of values. This function returns the “kth” i.e., the smallest numerical value from the selected values. The SMALL Function in Excel is a built-in function of the “Statistical” Function, so we can enter it […]

ROW Function In Excel

What Is ROW Function In Excel? The ROW Function in Excel is used to find the row number of a cell reference or a cell range, and not its value. In a large dataset the function quickly finds the row index. The ROW Function in Excel is an inbuilt function, so we can enter it […]

CHOOSE Function in Excel

What Is CHOOSE Function in Excel? The CHOOSE function in Excel belongs to the category of Lookup & Reference functions. It returns a value from an array based on the specified index number. Users can use the Excel CHOOSE function when building scenarios in financial models. On the other hand, it gives excellent results when […]

PMT Function in Excel

What Is PMT Function In Excel? The PMT function in Excel calculates the total amount of a loan i.e., the principal and the interest, to be paid over a period based on fixed payments and a fixed interest rate. This function calculates weekly and monthly periodic payments. The PMT excel function is an inbuilt function, […]