Numbering In Excel

What Is Numbering In Excel? Numbering in Excel automatically generates the numbers in a sequence or the desired pattern. Excel doesn’t have an inbuilt formula for Auto Numbering; however, we can use methods like Fill Handle, Fill Series, or the Row function to perform Excel Numbering. For example, we will apply Auto Numbering for the […]

VLOOKUP With Multiple Criteria

What Is VLOOKUP With Multiple Criteria? The VLOOKUP function in Excel retrieves the first matching record and stops the search. It allows us to retrieve only one lookup_value from the data table.The VLOOKUP With Multiple Criteria helps us retrieve the required information when the lookup_value contains multiple values. For instance, look at the following data […]

INDEX MATCH Multiple Criteria

What Is INDEX MATCH With Multiple Criteria The INDEX MATCH function combination is an alternative to the VLOOKUP function. The INDEX MATCH With Multiple Criteria helps users to retrieve the required data in a dataset where we may not find a unique column to apply the lookup function. Therefore, in such scenarios, we find a […]


Excel VBA UBOUND Function UBOUND stands for Upper Bound in VBA. VBA UBOUND is listed under the array function library. It retrieves the upper limit (largest subscript) of an array, and the output of this function is always a numerical value. In VBA, we often work with arrays and use the array variable name to […]

VBA Subscript Out of Range - Undefined Array-Output
VBA Subscript Out of Range

What Is VBA Subscript Out Of Range? VBA Subscript out of range error is a run time error that occurs when the object or variable specified is not available in the code. In all programming languages, errors are bound to happen, and VBA is no different. It is important to know what is that error […]

Excel UNICODE Function

What Is UNICODE Function In Excel? The Excel UNICODE function returns the numeric code of the selected characters or alphabets value. If the selected text is an alphabet, phrase, or sentence, it will return the code of the first alphabet or character, ignoring the other letters or words. The UNICODE function in Excel is an […]