TODAY Excel Function Example 2.3
TODAY Excel Function

What Is TODAY Function In Excel? The TODAY function in Excel helps users to calculate the current date. Using this function, we can add or subtract the dates, calculate months and years before or after a certain date, and calculate the age from the birth date. The TODAY Excel function is an inbuilt function which […]

Waterfall Chart in Excel Example 2.9 - 1
Waterfall Chart In Excel

What Is Waterfall Chart In Excel? The Waterfall Chart in Excel is a Column graph that plots the increasing result of data points as a graphical running total when we add or remove data values. Using the Waterfall Chart in Excel, users can analyze how the initial value of a data series gets impacted by […]

Array Formulas in Excel Intro
Array Formulas In Excel

What Is Array Formula In Excel? The Array Formula in Excel performs multiple calculations on the dataset values of rows, columns, or a cell range. It returns single or multiple results as required in the formula. One Array Formula in Excel replaces multiple formulas that enable users to apply standard Excel functions to several cells […]

Page Break in Excel Intro
Page Break in Excel

What Is A Page Break In Excel? The Page Break in Excel is a tool used to limit page length. This feature is used to avoid the misalignment of data while printing. For example,¬†using this feature, we can get the complete data into one sheet using this feature. The Page Break in Excel is under […]

Checkbox in Excel Create - 1
Checkbox in Excel

What Is Checkbox In Excel? Checkbox is an object which can take the tick mark as input. A checkbox is a little square object which allows the user to select or deselect. A checkbox is often called a checkmark box or select box. When we ask people to select something traditionally, we give them a […]

Barcode In Excel Intro
Barcode In Excel

What Is Barcode In Excel? A Barcode in Excel encodes characters entered in a spreadsheet and stores the information in a form that machines can read. It contains a series of black bars of varying widths and white spaces. Barcodes make it quicker and easier to identify items, ensuring accuracy and cost-effectiveness. Thus, users can […]