Auto Filter in Excel

What is Auto Filter in Excel? Auto filter in Excel is used to filter out information that you want to exclude. For example, you can filter out specific rows or columns based on some criteria. When you use the Auto filter, you get a subset of the original values in the table after specific ranges/columns […]

Flow Chart in Excel Example 3 - Step 2
Flow Chart in Excel

Flow Chart in Excel The flow chart in Excel is an excellent tool for representing a process flow in a sequential manner, especially business processes. The flow chart allows you to build flowcharts within your worksheets. We can make a flow chart in Excel using the SmartArt graphic. You have pre-set flowcharts in Excel in […]

Area Chart In Excel Intro Example-Graph
Area Chart in Excel

What Is Area Chart In Excel? The Area Chart in Excel helps visually analyze the rate of change of one or several entities over a specified period. And it depicts the trends with line segments and the areas between them and the X-axis highlighted using colors. Users can utilize the Area Chart when they must […]

Logical Test In Excel

What Is Logical Test In Excel? The Logical Test in Excel checks for the given criteria/condition and displays the required result, either TRUE, FALSE, or any other conditioned result. We can perform Logical Tests using the Excel function such as IF, AND, OR, NOT, XOR, etc. The functions w.r.t the Excel Logical Test are categorized […]

Exponential Smoothing in Excel

What is Exponential Smoothing in Excel? Exponential smoothing is used for time series forecasting and helps smooth out irregularities to recognize trends easily. This smoothening of time-series data is helpful for short-term forecasting. Exponential smoothing works on the principle of weighted average. It means that the values closer to the forecast value are given more […]

Example 4
Name Manager in Excel

What is Excel Name Manager? The Name Manager in Excel creates, edits, and deletes defined names for ranges, formulas, tables, and constants. As a result, when we use names, they are easier to read, understand and use in calculations. You use the Name Manager dialog box to work with all the names in a workbook. […]