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What Is Remove Watermark In Excel Sheet ?

Removing a watermark in an Excel sheet refers to the process of eliminating any graphical or textual overlays placed on the document. Watermarks are often added for branding purposes, copyright protection, or to add aesthetic appeal. However, there may be instances where removing a watermark becomes necessary due to specific requirements or conflicts with the document’s content. This can be done through several methods, including adjusting the transparency or hiding layers in the worksheet, using specialized software tools, or modifying the underlying file format. It is worth noting that removal techniques may vary depending on various factors, such as the version of Excel being used and the complexity of the watermark itself.

For example, the watermark in excel is an image that repeats multiple times on each page; it is classified as a background watermark. To remove the sheet background, select Page Layout tab > Page Setup > Delete Background to remove the watermark effectively.

Remove Watermark In Excel

We can see that the watermark is deleted.

Background Removed
Key Takeaways
  • Removing watermark in Excel would ensure that the sheet appears clean and free from any distractions, allowing for better readability and maintaining a sense of coherence.
  • We have to remember that watermarks are useful to know information. We should not remove them often. It is better to retain watermarks if they mention that the document is confidential, a draft copy, or for internal organizational purposes.
  • But for some reasons, if we have to remove watermark, we can do so by selecting ‘Delete Background’ option.
  • In Excel, we can insert watermarks as either text or pictures in MS Excel.

How To Remove Watermark In Excel Sheet? (With Steps)

To remove a watermark in an Excel sheet, one must follow a few simple steps.

  1. Firstly, open the Excel file containing the watermark by double-clicking on it.

  2. Next, go to the Page Layout tab located at the top of the screen and click on it.

  3. A new set of options will appear; find and select Watermark from this menu.

  4. Another window will emerge, presenting various pre-installed watermark templates. Choose Custom Watermark near the bottom of this list to proceed.

  5. At this point, one can either opt for a text-based or image-based watermark by selecting the respective radio button.

  6. Next, we can customize the appearance of the watermark. Ensure the Scale with Document box is unchecked to avoid distortion during resizing or printing.

  7. Once satisfied with all settings, click on OK to save changes and successfully remove the watermark from the Excel sheet.

  8. Remember to save any adjustments made before closing the document for future usage without any trace of watermarks detected by viewers or collaborators.


Example #1 – Remove Watermark By Deleting Background

If the watermark is an image that repeats multiple times on each page, it is considered a background watermark. To remove this type of watermark, follow these steps:

Step 1: First, go to the Page Layout tab and locate the Page Setup in Excel  section.

Step 2: Next, click on Delete Background to remove the sheet background applied to the worksheet.

Example 1- step 2 - Delete Background

Step 3:  By doing so, the watermark will be deleted.

Example 1- step 3 -Background Removed

Suppose there is a watermark that appears as an image repeated on every page, but only once. In this case, we can see the watermark is available as Header & Footer in Excel. To remove a header and footer image, follow these steps:

Step 1: To begin with, click on the Page Layout view by selecting View and then choosing Page Layout.

Example 2 - step 1 - Page Layout view

Step 2: Next, go to the Insert tab and click on Header & Footer in the Text section.

Example 2 - step 2 - Insert tab-Header & Footer

Step 3: Now, delete the text &[Picture] in the Header & Footer section. The watermark is now deleted.

Remove watermark in excel Example 2 - step 3 - &[Picture] Header & Footer

Step 4: By deleting the &[Picture], we can observe that the watermark is removed.

Step 5: To confirm the removal, click anywhere else on the spreadsheet and verify that the watermark is no longer present.

Example 2 - step 5 - Watermark Removed

Example #3 – Remove Watermark With ‘Go To Special’ Function

To remove a watermark that is a WordArt object, follow these steps:

Example 3 - Remove Watermark With ‘Go To Special’ Function

Step 1: First, go to Home, click on Find & Select, and access the Go To Special function.

Remove Watermark in excel Example 3- step1-Go to Special

Step 2: Now, a dialog box labeled Go To Special will appear.

Step 3: In the dialog box, check the option for Objects and click OK.

Remove Wateramark in excel Example 3- step 3-Objects

Step 4: This action will highlight the WordArt watermark on the document.

Step 5: To remove the watermark, press the Delete button. Next, click anywhere else on the spreadsheet. Now, we have removed watermark.

Step 6: To view the watermark, switch to the Page Layout view.

Remove watermark in excel Example 3-step6-Page Layout view

Important Things To Note

  • Typically, headers and footers contain basic information such as page numbers in excel and file paths.
  • However, MS Excel offers a range of predefined header and footer options, as well as the ability to create custom ones.
  • This allows for the creation of more informative, professional, and stylish documents.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. Can I remove a watermark from an Excel sheet?

As a professional, it is important to respect copyright laws and intellectual property rights. It is unethical and illegal to remove a watermark from an Excel sheet without permission.

Suppose we have legitimate reasons for needing an unwatermarked version of an Excel sheet. In that case, it is advisable to reach out directly to the owner or creator to request their consent in writing. Engaging in actions such as attempting to remove a watermark without permission not only undermines the creators’ rights but also tarnishes our professional reputation. It is always best practice to adhere to ethical standards and seek proper permission when dealing with copyrighted materials.

2. Why would someone want to remove a watermark from an Excel sheet?

 Watermark may undermine the overall aesthetics and professionalism of the document, particularly when it is being shared or presented in a formal setting such as business meetings, conferences, or client presentations.
 Additionally, there might be instances where sensitive information needs to be shared internally within an organization or externally with trusted stakeholders.
 In such cases, removing the watermark becomes crucial to protect data and prevent unauthorized access to restricted data.

3. What are the different methods available to remove a watermark in Excel?

We can simply select and press Delete to remove the watermark. Alternatively, we can use the following method explained with an example.

To remove the background, select Page Layout tab > Page Setup section >Delete Background, we can delete the watermark.

faq example

Now, we can see the watermark is deleted.

faq example OUTPUT

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